I have played Diablo 3 for a whole year

Then I helped call issued ticket requires re-opened, playing hundreds of phone calls, but unfortunately the nc Blizzard did not help us re-opened, justice lie! And then decide together with the sister afk no longer play the game of Blizzard sister know I Diablo series play a lot of years, like this game (very thoughtful), she decided to continue to play with me, so I help her get the new account, and later registered Collector’s Edition practiced a 60 female mage, according to her original account in the name of the character trying to restore an original account. But original Master and equipment are not get back, and this is why I decided to reroll Manzi, the Master of the equipment to the sister, and concentrate on playing a wind and rain Dang Zidan Manzi can stand in front of the sister. Good starting point may or may not play a good effect before Manzi do not know about, is the weakest 1.02, I became the step 2 Step 3 trips to the drag a small trip, the sister from the back output ice into a control field (sister slender Yu Zhi), and sometimes have to live with my bad temper, but the sister never complained about a now want to come really sorry for her. Dear sorry Oh, you’re good. Again a very difficult start but with our efforts and good brothers Xinert of Grand Master of the help, and finally we can also farm a3 the 1.04 before the advent of ready a full set of fighting mf installed in 1.04 basic every day we can reach 10-20 legend, diablo 3 items slowly start getting better equipment.

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Say your opinion on Diablo 3

Before further discussion, I must ask a question: why the land of refuge, there will be a meteor fall, a high consumption and high latency skills, the damage done is almost just monks an instant one-third of the skills,, I said, is coupled with Rune almost unlimited cast AOE Admiralty broken? I know the advantages of a meteor falling in that remote. But think about it, this is its only advantage, and this is an insignificant advantage.

This skill reminds me of a game a lot of it comes to the disappointing. I have often thought, maybe I build a mage so she can drop the meteor as a powerful nuclear weapons, which will require considerable AP recovery time, or maybe I can build a mage, with a lot of AP recovery and AP ceiling and equipment, so that I can be infinitely wild throw meteors occasionally use some other skills! But even if those wishes can be realized in the current game, I do not think is so interesting or has a very high efficiency.

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Took two bottles of Life syrup out of the door, Demon Hunter full of depressed back door and saw this color B and several guards wearing Jinhua.
       The Lan Fode captain was about the old 1000, looked up, they found just by his obscenity demon hunter, so he sets with her ​​for a long time almost, and then said to her to help wipe out the zombie Source: demon mother. A demon hunter, said she knew Zhao mother, Wang Mah, also I do not know the demon mother, Lan Fode said the captain you Gu Lou cut people it is blowing by a few more pickup and a number of broken wood pile simple line of defense zombies broke through, so the brave soldiers who decided to start finishing poker, said that the Bureau is not to
       After dry turned a few small zombie, they see the legendary demon mother. Saw the demon mother in one hand antidiarrheal drugs in one hand and directing the younger brother who became very sick and see all the sergeant were all so sweet, especially a few of the constipation.

       Demon Hunter looked only lunch ruminant impulse Erhuamoyue Bianxiang demon mother’s head shot to arrows, demon mother did than usual mobs, shot several times Well things did not, even also conducted a counterattack, spitting began to just people face the sputum green and yellow, full strength, spicy taste salty, sticky unbearable there nutty, but travel home, banditry, nausea, top grade.
       The Demon Hunter glancing time has come to so decisive a stride rushed to the captain behind the scream: “ah! Captain save me!” Captain Saran smile back, the warm torch lit up his handsome face, and then going back to prepare to meet the enemy, after he spit consecutive happened a week.

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My Skill Combination

Example: meteorites, can try to make it 1-2 hit kill. Then you if DH’s friends list, you can work together with to play with.

Be sure to let DH choose death mark, because 12% of this play is to swath through Marked for Death of Death Rune, will never cut burst of amazing yellow letters allocated to within 20 yards, causing AOE damage, speed clearance strange , the effect of shock.

Me to play DH when the heat 18 million into the AH price should have been down, we are interested to try or collection can seek a 1100 and white perforated or blast injuries.
Open melee to do to try to speed kill the mobs are marked to ensure survival of 25% of the energy armor anti-Rune to hit Zhan Zhuang purpose.
In fact, the key to this play with and DH, be sure to let the DH tag the weak strange, then you rush to go live in the ice, lost meteorite, seeking a quick fix, so lets mark dead mobs broke yellow word to mow through death Rune equally 12% of the damage.
Actual combat, I often hundreds of thousands of yellow word burst, I believe this is nothing new for the Master, then 1000-4000 yellow for 12% of the word, that is 120-480 million damage, enough to give the near strange fatal blow, or cut off the elite a lot of blood.

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My Doubts of Diablo 3

1. Monitor resolution:
    Now my computer’s resolution is not the best kind. Tune out the resolution a bit about stretching around both sides of the little one, the left can only see half of the entourage “60” 6, and the things that are round the oval, the characters are fat, this is what happens! ! ! ! ! And if transferred to exactly the resolution, the entire screen is not in the center, but slightly moved upward to the right a distance, which means that the right and the top of my invisible, left and bottom of the long black bar. This is what happens! ! ! ! !
2. Continuous Shaguai comes experience:
    As we all know, the killing will be able to get consecutive comes with experience, I observed for about 70 will be able to experience about 1W, 100 will be able to experience about 1.2W. I am up to about 130 today, but I see posts, someone’s avatar looks like over 230 4.4W experience cattle.
    But every ghost in the end do not know how much experience this experience about 1W considered high.
    Not to know Jianta and followers attack count my attack means that I stopped, the entourage has been attacked, I attack (separated for some time, but during the entourage or change it has been in the attack) can not connected.

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This expedition than the last time to be mighty more father commanding a corps of about two thousand people, compared to these people on the outside of the demon army is still small, but it is the only hope of the Holy Empire. Demon skull, Ares town nightmare Legion sewing the flag, the black surface of the cloth embroidered with a red pigment scored next dripping blood. The town blacksmith recruits to build armor, painted with red pigment above Devil’s decapitation. His father’s armor engraved new nightmare Legion emblem Uncle, Mount Hua told the father this way can boost morale.

  The father stood in the central square and delivered a brief speech, telling people he will once again triumph, and will eventually peace back to earth, standing next to frown Mount tert China.

Then they hurried to the battlefield, the empire the messenger despite his injury Join only reinforcement. Again, I looked at the tall silhouette of father disappeared in the horizon.

This time, the wait was so long, every day I waited by the roadside waiting for their father’s triumphant return disappointed, but day by day.

I Ares town has been treated like nobility, but every day along with my only waiting for the torment. With tougher father left a long time, suspicion and rumors began to spread, Calcetas Lyon supporters every day gathering in the pub, and ask God to bless the nightmare Legion Triumph back to those skeptics, pessimists tit-for-tat, and even hesitate to fight. But as the days passed, the staunchest supporters less and less, more and more people believe, Nightmare Legion submerged in the ocean of the devil inside.

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Salediablo3.com is your best choice

Playing Red Gate: 9 seconds because teammates are counting on you to ice stable comfortable, if open less stable biting to, afraid teammates say or ice. If it is the fight itself, then biting it.

FARM, then biting and 15% are certainly no problem, simply FARM2.1 +50 enough, so definitely no problem. In addition, because of the sword of stealing, sufficient ability to return to the blood, high efficiency, high storm damage, duo law is fragmentation may not be able to open, but the sword is more relaxed.

If you like the control of the players, when playing Red Gate Sword 9 seconds of ice as well, duo can use biting. (Sword with biting BOSS skills, but rarely acceptable) If, based on this condition, 40W flowers + biting efficiency equal to about 45W sword +9 s efficiency (not considering super electric).

: Sword of the panel best duo sets 10% higher, or enhance the obvious. If you are a player pursuit of efficiency, then open the biting, the swordsmanship panel is a little higher than the duo sets efficiency upgrading. Visible, the impact of the skills on the ice is still very large.

With a sword, then, resistance and blood are extremely scarce, although a good solution, but money is much more! d3 gold


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