How equipped your Diablo 3 Characters

This is a big problem, I have a few nice experience to share, you can save some money can also enhance your combat, suitable for novice disregard for veterans:

1) Make sure your main the BUILD.

This is the first step, Diablo 3 characters powerful not only built on the good assembled, in fact, the test of this game is the assembly and skill mix, pairing skills and assembly can provide the strong survive and output.

If you want to fully take-all assembly, which is almost impossible. But if you want a comprehensive set of assembly, cheap diablo 3 gold it is very easy, you do not ask me how to with, I would like to say is that slowly, first select the one you master the BUILD upgrade as your assembly will reach.

For a simple example, a mature blacks would like to turn the infinite ice for a helmet or a master hand to improve the back and attack speed needs to be replaced also 1-3, will not be so many.

2) allow the assembly to carry out their duties.

Go to upgrade the defense, so that the output of the upgrade to boost output of the upgrade defense. D3, breastplate, pants, belt, shoulders, boots is the main defense parts; weapons, his deputy, gloves, necklaces main output parts; rings, helmet, wrist guards are integrated parts.

Defense parts to focus on the whole anti-armor, the main properties and physical fitness; output parts to focus on 3-tapping buy d3 items and the main attributes, can the expense of the whole anti-; integrated parts of attributes to be comprehensive, and strive for the full useful affixes, where not enough to make up where.

Some blood back means, such as theft, hit back, thrust backwards, Radius also a focus, you need to consider these properties on which part of the good, and then go to adjust your remaining assembly.

Many parts of the strong emergence of the legendary changes, such as the powerful witch doctor moment belt, Yin Na pants, so some defensive parts into the output.

In fact, these are irrelevant for a fledgling newcomer to comply with these principles can help you save a lot of money, and so you later assembled familiar, you naturally know which parts can be used to d3 powerleveling replace the output.

3) Do not enchant properties to improve overall.

For example, now you have a 100 Int 100 physical 50 full anti-pants, but you are missing seconds back, and then you buy a 100 Int, 100 stamina, 300 seconds back of the pants. Although seconds back of the goal is reached, but the lack of full anti-fact, you will find still untenable.

So do not enchant attributes, the overall increase, and would rather save a little money, and more squat for a while AH buy an overall improvement of pants. Otherwise, you will enter the Hopper assembly, but has failed to meet the needs of the deadlock.

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