2013 Spring Festival, there is a period of time, but the London Chinatown Chinese Association early start the celebration of various preparations, and successfully allowed the famous British film premiere in the ground Leicester Square (Leicester Square) as the Chinese New Year celebration performance venues,will be performing a wonderful Chinese Kung Fu.

Next year’s Chinese New Year celebration highlights of one after another

The London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce president KCTse said Britain held a movie premiere in Leicester Square every year to fight the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, the Spring Festival next year to perform this work China will become a new bright spot.

Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Chairman Deng Zhuting OBE said: next year’s Spring Festival activities range covers record, in addition to Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Chinatown along the streets of the famous tourist attractions will be designated to celebrate the area is expected to London next year’s Chinese New Year celebrations will become a large-scale activities.

Secretary-General of the London Chinatown Chinese Association and festive affairs director Zheng Jianqiang expressed satisfaction with the current progress of work. He admitted that the UK economic downturn on the funding for fundraising activities to bring pressure, but because of the New Year Festival in London for many years history, coupled with the increasing scale of the large number of visitors, in addition to the hundreds of millions of viewers to watch the performances, Sponsored still attractive.

Zheng Jianqiang revealed that the most recent period, the London Chinatown Chinese Association has repeatedly with the Office of the Mayor of London, officials of Westminster City Council, Greater London police force, fire department, transportation department, ambulance team and production team held several inter-departmental meeting to discuss preparations for the 2013 Chinese New Year celebrations matters detailed arrangements for the safety requirements, and so on.

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