First, he is for himself to writing, I have something to say, I have the emotional need to express, then I picked up a pen, and then the second point, I was writing for the characters in the book, the characters in the book, they also have their own needs,in the process of writing, you will slowly mix with the characters in the book as a whole, become friends with them, I think that is the objective to reach the hands of readers go inside.
This is rare, because I think I want to write a novel always be first inside the characters in my mind, the heart inside brewing for a long long time, these figures tend to also have a prototype, and I want my lifetime contact with numerous people, why only a few people make me long-term can not forget, is that he himself has a strong bottom line, he is a normal person inside the normal person, he is a literary typical sense writing such a departure from the character should generally not unsuccessful. Of course, can not be written when get stuck when shelve put up over a period of a chance it might vista feelings feeling.
Perhaps they are kidding on this, I have never been to such a painful condition, of course, are sometimes very painful, suddenly unable to advance the obstacles encountered a difficulty, can not go beyond, but that does not mean that is going to hit the wall. Course in the process of writing the mistake of over-the spirit of the more intense will cause insomnia, which often have a high degree of excitement, even asleep after head is full of all the dream, the dream of the novel is the book the characters, sometimes contrary, from a dream which has been inspired the dream episode solve a very difficult problem in writing them in a dream, and this diablo 3 gold

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