Here environmental damage generally refers to the fire chain, Molten, profanity, plagues, etc..

Today listening to the group to discuss this topic, very interested, and so personally tested, to share with you some conclusions.

Repair mine considerably earlier in August tested the damage reduction Rune broken Demon and the will to resolutely two skills for environmental damage waiver, draw the former conclusion valid latter pit father.

A few months later, with the version updates and bug repair, do not know the repair mine greatly conclusions are still applicable; buy diablo 3 gold Moreover, the in pvp about on-line now, kozo feel the need for a new damage reduction skills round of testing, in order to draw a reliable conclusion.

I used to test the monks panel is not posted, about 600 anti-4000 Armor, any return of blood means.

The kozo think fire chain, melting fire, profane, charged, pestilence, Arcane blessing of these so-called environmental damage should be can learn by analogy, let me test one by one I’m afraid to be half dead tired, so here take only plague for example.


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