Equipped with the third step: the weapon of choice

Critical to the choice of weapons, which often is your biggest investment, and also determines the ease of transition!

Master mainstream build: for ice and Archon

Assuming that your wallet is not enough, they want to play two kinds of build, I recommend to start from the hands Archon.

This is because in the case of low-end ice greater commonality: IAS / crit law and hands Archon’s attack accessories. Blacks in low-end crit blast injuries.

If you have enough money, the attacks accessories all three attack naturally does not matter.

Continue above the main deputy no buff30w blacks example:

Recommended for high-and white double storm vampire weapons, this is because the Master can not dual wield serious lack of blast injuries.

Of such goods AH blacksmith build to be willing to spend the time 5E can buy about 1200 white 50 blast injuries, Keywords explosion injured 66 can be screened out blacksmith weapons.

Attack speed as high as possible under the same white text. free diablo 3 guide

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