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Injury of research on the black light.

First put Conclusion:

1, black light damage: Damage – “wait time -> damage —” and wait for the cycle time, the first harm is immediate harm.

2, each injury only to calculation of 1/3 of the light damage, diablo 3 powerleveling while waiting for the time interval only weapon attack of 1/3.

3, based on the monster’s blood to determine the sweep is fast or slow and other weapons to attack interval of 1/3, and so the second injury out the black light best way to choose.

DPH calculation, each injury is weapons, high the DPH low attack speed weapons account for a much cheaper, the vampire Adams Cowen artifact.

Always thought that the black laser damage is increasing over time, In other words, your light contact monster How long monster would be the appropriate time of injury.

Today found that it is not so simple, When you light monsters duration,cheap diablo 3 gold the damage is 1/3 of the time required for each attack (such as IAS 1.5, then 0.66 / 3 and the Yanmen Moderators test before 0.22 seconds to harm, and display digital display every 0.5 seconds) quickly swept hordes of monsters take Sri Lanka Cowen ax blacks light can sometimes cause high damage, so found great advantage DPH hands.

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