The first line of fixed gas should have no objection. Ice method mobile burning usefulness (60 ice shield people remember burning to stream what?), 2 removable cast is good, but for cis put gas scheduled for, whether it is timely control or limit the outbreak of any gap.

The second line should be no objection. Blue Shield of uptake is really small, only more as a lie to hurt the outbreak of complementary skills and can not rely on its defense; time shield only better in a particular case, on the use of passive ice shield apparently did not advance defense better and DOT will apparently not afford to fight blood to the opponent’s psychological pressure. On disperse, all can be dispelled, so time shield again my opinion no fridge no badge no flash the halo live Mengchou saving treatment a skill, no special advantage – earlier which sets the ice The shield can also be effective in reducing injury. Sprint activation, may have good results the chopper team train to run all over the case, the generic as the ice shield.

Third line, why choose cream ring? First frost ring now unlike in the past, the past instantaneous, but delayed commencement, now read articles effective immediately. A good gas given frost ring is able to reverse the situation by frost ring of the target fixed and continuously broken of total 3 times judged. Target frozen by the frost ring can read bar + deep knot outbreak, deep junction is completed may also be frost ring live mages continue an outbreak. Ice enchantment now purely a control skills, the passive control field effect may be the treatment train good, but I feel the need to. It is worth mentioning, it rings and ice were reduced (refer AJ), it is the face of a very violent knife, you can consider using. The last article read 4 seconds halo + silence, looks Niubi, actually very idiot thought it counted the conventional halo and deep junction descending and silent and strong anti-decreasing, and want to read the article. May be the Master playing pure control bits when this skill more useful (sheep, frost jaw two goals, deep knot outbreak goals of)? If you can do a good job of sliding scale, really good, especially not afraid sheep Shuter can. However, in turn fire so often times, I really think this descending too terrible.

The fourth line, quench weak into slag, but 30% of the initiative back to the blood or to lay its position. In fact, strong implicit good, I like to use the field and battlefield two minutes, five minutes becomes also instantaneous, the way to remove the two debuff good escape skills. Suspended animation If that blood without deducting, I really would consider good to also swap back to tie in most cases fridge with, I do not see the advantage of it and white to give blood even made a refrigerator quench so what .

The fifth line, ice bombs. Needless to say, the ice with the largest outbreak of skills, not one.

Sixth line, Blue Shield. Well, incantation shield icon did not change the name used to. The 10 seconds wake-up gave 40% of the blood is certainly good, alas blood to awaken until they have finished to very pit father, will lead back to the blood fails is to wake up to the last second halo silence is counter-pulled was OOXX to. If the ice floes in the first line of support for more than four seconds spell that tie up around the side pillars side wake the whole is also a method, but unfortunately Blizzard is for the wake-up (Master Han fighting skills, read the article or boot over four seconds?) Made such a limit, very good in the field and battlefield RBG can be considered completely finished out classes continue to find a small obstacle to wake up in the melee, but not much chance of light duel guide finished, not to arena said. Rune circle, PvE skills Thank you.
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