Housing accumulation fund “to benefit the rich not the poor”, there are three main reasons, First, the design of the system flawed system to perform serious aliasing, lack of supervision connivance of the flood.
China’s regulations, the housing provident fund deposit ratio for the workers on the 5% -12% of the basic wage. This interval, the money unit up relying on money units down by even a lot of non-state-owned enterprise employees, migrant no housing provident fund deposit. This is one of the reasons.

Second, January 10, 2005, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Finance and the People’s Bank of China jointly issued a “guidance” on a number of specific problems in the housing provident fund management, housing provident fund deposit monthly wage base, in principle, year average monthly wages twice or three times more than workers work where Shequchengshi statistics department announced, and the specific criteria determined according to the actual situation “from all over. diablo 3 gold discount coupon

There is a “specific criteria from all over is determined according to the actual situation” This flexible terms, many places in the terms on which to make a fuss. Guangdong Province, for example, was divided in accordance with the spirit of the provisions of this file: “Party and government organs, enterprises and workers five times the monthly wage base of the housing accumulation fund shall not exceed the statistical department of the city or county employees announced last year the average monthly wages in the deposit . “Third, housing fund is forced deposit, but it is conditional. Low-income groups tend to become net savers, because they can not afford to pay a mortgage down payment can only save money, there is no way to use the money.

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