Therefore, the personal feeling, The ice Act with a good on Do not move, you want to move to a big shake.

3, higher cost of ice with data on individual practice:

IAS 2.51, burst 55, hit back to 1400, the + EHP35W + DPS17W. To achieve this data now do not need to spend too much, can handle about 4E.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that you use Na shoes + Na ring combination, they are too high to quit anti Gao Zhisheng progenitor shoes cost-effective than the three attack progenitor.

 There’s really nothing to consider panel DPS buff full anti supports about 500, not only consider the 2.74 attack speed, 55 crit, in fact, not expensive.

105 rhythm, MP3 brush experience and MF following is the best option. The reason is simple: MP3 or less intensity of lower equipment requirements, and fitted with MF value can be considered. The a full MF value figures in MP3 owns 450% of the MF.

While a can farm7PP more ice equipment requirements do not say, but difficult to extrusion the MF affixes to the character attributes, high MP MF bonus and can not make up for the shortcomings equipped MF bonus,cheap diablo 3 gold and even full PLG The role has full MF above go farm7pp.

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