Fast Diablo 3 Gold at salediablo3

[Q]: How equipped, what are the requirements?

【A】: the first is less anger, anger -13 1.0 IAS critical point, once the rage cost than 8:00 per second, then the anger of their own output will not be able to maintain full of anger, which is not full of anger when high crit rate.

Own production anger to reach 8:00 immortality sets + furious passive and relatively limited and strict requirements of the equipment. Anger is a huge ripple launch the attributes of the body, the least bit of difference to hack away.

Equipment: the immortal sets

Necklace: Mara’s Kaleidoscope with storm damage, anger preferably -5

Ring: Stone of Jordan, anger -4 election

In addition, a ring: Skull Ring: with a storm of hurt, anger -4

So that three is the -13 to -14 anger, be sufficient to resolve the anger problem, this vampire weapons with weapons, if you want to liberate a ring, then weapons ancestors -5, while passive life with a steal and belt composed of 6% steal. fast diablo 3 gold

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