is your best diablo 3 gold shop

1, remote unlimited Feifu Manzi, this looks like restraint all occupations, a stunning rate of 50% is too cattle, and opened a painless been biu really invincible, rage to 50 and then start Asian people, in addition to escape no other way.

Deal Manzi election Wormhole Transit, ran away, as long as these two skills CD, casually child Manzi is.

The easier way is to directly send + Archon, the human reaction is slow and network delay, direct crit spike Manzi, this also applies to all occupations Witch Doctor Monk.

2, nearly Warhammer pretty mage, AOE hammer is capable of running evasive, stun deceleration and all control skills avatar solution to break-ray + missiles combination two onrush skills, see Manzi directly to deceleration ray + missile was hit is the avatar send continue kite, the pure melee Manzi Master not afraid.

The whirlwind Manzi can catch up with the mage ice spin deceleration personal but powerful too small, 145% and 450%, the result is obvious, of course, the start of the Asian people we have to Paolu the.

Cause the skills to become a waste residue painless rebound could only rebound to 100% of the maximum value of life, that a barbarian 10w blood blasted 2000w injury, the rally is only 10W, count all kinds of relief on the remaining 1000 injury, do not worry rebound seconds. buy cheap diablo3 gold

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