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Low difficulty Paolu. I am not old Na, precepts province to province. Old Na can try rolling fire, The injury cut, but a low degree of difficulty enough to fill a knife to avoid looking back.
Complementary skills (2): Shadow Power sneaked into the Shadow.
I feel this Glyph worthy of discussion about it. Sneak into the Shadow, providing 35% of injury-free, not good for the landlord of this equipment, rolled heap blame or need. However, students with high injury-free, you can try the other Glyph: one is to punish the night off dark. Shadow Power 3:00 per second hate. This glyph bloodsucking good supplement a part of hate replies, especially in the passive when the Night Stalker, this skill can be avoided and Daguai precepts overflow can strafe more fluid. The other is the force of blood for months. Vampire will enhance to 25%, the landlord has conceived, Glyph, low difficulty alone the hands Jianmu departure vampire can survive When Dps very high case, as this glyph useful than sneak into the Shadow more. The landlord can not test equipment.
Complementary skills (3): combat pet bat. diablo 3 gold buy
Make up hatred.
Complementary skills (4): ready to go.
Non-essential choice. The landlord only 30 commandments, like to use this skill to guarantee the coherence of the run chart. Old Na or precepts enough to run Figure, you can try to replace the arrows, the effect will be better. Of course, can be replaced with the punishment, completely solve the hatred issues. This ability to recover according to the precepts of the experiment.
Passive skills: strategic advantage. Low difficulty, most affect the efficiency of the running speed. 2, revenge eager. Key life skills. 3, Night Stalker. This skill is not necessary, but this allows precepts more fluid. Can form a good loop: Daguai back precepts, Paolu the back hate. I feel the pickup distance, this can be completely replaced by the archery Specialization 0 pickup landlord. d3 gold

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