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Rarity factor: the production of similar equipment is not so big, Marxist political economy tells us (ps: the author of pure science students, the economic aspects on the horse political and economic class.) Commodity prices in addition to the above bracketsthose using value addition should be included in the cost of production. Clearly, the growth of the coefficients of the rarity is the chance of a roll with the equipment random affixes index rose. . Simply put, the more rare something more valuable, because there is no similar goods competition because of the rarity of the buyers, the miss did not shop in this village, a high price to have to win. .

Market fluctuations: here is divided into two parts – the time and the audience. Hello, everybody understood version value 10E God installed may 1E Do sellers timeliness is very important. The audience is mainly associated with the job, such as HC witch doctor Manzi, such as river carp, ancestral sets and immortal price naturally high up. Or the recent server kcal died a wave, something prices naturally go up. .

The actual specific valuation down is not necessarily so part by part to confirm the value of, and then calculate the price. Coming basically look at the properties given a ballpark range, then consider that there is no “bright spot” to increase the price of this thing, the last heart again based on market sales multiplied by a factor of hang AH. buy diablo 3 items

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