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No. 1: opening point kill Sentry. Because halo tanks. Processed mobs to the BOSS room. Remote scattered stations. The steady output BOSS to 50%. All collections to fight the dragon. In the the second magnetometer curtain when open bloodthirsty. Shaman opening ancestors guidelines. Treatment do not need to carry the group at this time
Blood. Plus a good tank like. BOSS last 20% of the blood treatment open big strokes. Singing. Quiet. Class treatment Tide.
Time of death was 16 points before the half.
No. 2: the road Tanke La evil to 4 outside the room card perspective Poly strange. All marked an AOE. Note Remember that 20% of blood about the mobs. Because it will put a skill. Released directly destroy mission. Do not eat interrupted. Eat only the coma class skills. One after processing. Launched. Rushed
The second oldest Room. Here is the challenge mode Zuifan wave of strange. A panda. . Slowly kill it. Would delay you more than a minute. cheap diablo 3 gold

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