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Say under each site can be added up to the number of attributes. So we can clear the property of their equipment is not full. Say this worthless me first and we talk about the green containers and equipment of dark gold and yellow fitted distinction. There are a lot of people would like the yellow loading property is also so good and cheap. Why not buy yellow fitted.
Difference: yellow fitted equipment are basically more miscellaneous mixed career, so his low armor value is through wear. The other green containers in various occupational corresponding, so armor will be installed higher than the yellow.
The difference between the two (this is key): for example, can appear yellow fitted wrist crit highest. Dark gold wrist on the attack attributes such as speed and the like IAS 8 the crit probability of 4.5. But yellow fitted on each site restricted property, only allows this or both dark and green containers, they can appear in this part of the unconventional property is yellow-filled wrist can not add attack speed, while the dark gold diablo 3 gold

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