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Powerful mantra skills, I think not weaken them, but also to enhance them, but the cost of the high internal forces.
Time that is sustainable for 3 layer, then refresh the power consumption of the initial 30-point internal forces, each refresh a 10:00 internal forces, can be stacked up to 3 layers, that is, 60 points internal forces, up to 3 layers.
Duration is 3 seconds.
Avoidance of Shingon first layer: 15% chance to dodge, the second layer is a 30% chance to dodge the third layer is a 45% chance to dodge.
The first layer of the disciplinary mantra: rebound own 80% of weapon damage values​​, the second layer to rebound 160% weapon damage, and the third layer rebound 320% weapon damage values​​.cheap diablo 3 items

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