Best diablo 3 gold store

This time if there are other people out of 14 million, the system will be returned to you 100 000 and you do not bid. But the distance to the end of the bidding time there two hours, you do not want most of the night and white Fu Mei waited at the front of the computer, but also do not want to make a silly money rich handsome.
This time you state you “bid”, and press the bid. Then enter 2000000, because your heart to withstand the highest price.
This time to enter the second-price sealed bid auctions. 200 psychological level system know equal to authorize a system to help you within 2 million bid.
This time a Cock wire appeared to see the prices outside or 100,000, 150,000 decisive photographed when you have white Fu Mei sleep. System will automatically give you a fare increase to 200,000 The Cock wire he photographed immediately beyond price of want Cock silk, who is so ruthless with me Sike, so bid all the way to 1 million the Cock wire saw time 1:00 royal crypts brush to much money, and then shrink.
The the this time the Cock silk bid is 1,000,000, and help you bid to 110 Miles, so the last traded price is 1.1 million, rather than on the system where 2 million, which is called the second price sealed auction. diablo 3 gold store

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