Free diablo 3 guide at youtube

 A comparison of the problem: the dual cyclone system, cyclone chop blast bolted whether IAS impact, the answer is: YES! Total damage and frequency all have! Rely eyes can easily judge.
The case of dual wielding Whirlwind will take turns using two weapons to attack the enemy, each round = the average speed of the two weapons. free diablo 3 guide
    Values ​​and IAS: HIT 48.3% weapon damage, the frequency of the attacks three times the speed.

 Blast chopped Similar bolted – mechanisms and cyclones, the only difference is that the case of dual wielding to calculate the main hand damage. IAS will be subject to immediate release forum! And instant layout IAS changes: not only refers to dual wield IAS weapons by slashing attack speed changes. (by forum users: * Saddam climbing supplement has been tested and is true.)


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