Diablo 3 Gold Farming

From the presentation of the results, at least Couchu 1.4 + base attack speed will be able to maintain the Saiyan, and therefore is not bulk down and not much demand. For demonstration purposes, the one hand, using only the twilight bald one with immortal the conflict Gongsu bulk, the players actually can go immortal line, by hand, necklace 9, rings, wrist guards, pants 9 Minato a 1.4x attack speed. On the other hand, the reason can go immortal sets another reason, the build is very dependent -5 the less anger Feifu attribute, this attribute is very easy to get in the immortal belt, you have to find a good full-the anti Feifu witch different, not so good looking. (Apparently, La Kuni and Inna enough drag your blood anti hind legs, it is best not to do concessions belt – of course, the high rich handsome can ignore this)
Of course, maybe you can use witch iso plus the -5 Feifu Jordan the way to achieve the effect of Feifu less anger, of course, so the cost of the sacrifice -5 first Zuqiao Dan the effect. This is a matter of opinion. diablo 3 items

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