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Defensive attributes and attacks on property and BUILD 3 is a mutually balanced relations, mutual help and mutual compromise.

Set up the premise, that is, the the Parkour operation has more skilled core Parkour is actually crit back anger, burst rate in any case have to tube enough. Mysterious tone: the Parkour movement speed should pipe enough.

Since maintaining Saiyan no problem, compared to the previous unskilled when using heavy weapons, we can improve the burst rate, and then put the ax hammer, slightly lowering the full anti, blood, vampire defense property, in exchange for higher strength and injury.

When the damage becomes higher when you can go to a higher degree of difficulty, but the properties of each defense is not enough, you also have to heap a point defense Properties or add BUILD battle roar, anti injury domineering, superstition like skills, so that the high level of difficulty can be so smooth. diablo 3 gold reward

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