Master VS Witch Doctor

Witch doctor imba as I do not need to do more shows, Played the PTR all know, you win a war, and the witch doctor only high-end monk. Or my Korean friends, every time DH / FS must open my child witch doctor child back again.

I hit him 50E equipped DH is 8:2 open, hit him 5E equipped witch doctor only 2:8 opened. Just point open in Soul Eater Soul Eater avatar can not be lifted but can absorb most or all of Soul Eater injury, if you’re lucky enough to get through the 51 souls walking yet 51 killed, then you opportunity to incorporate 51 to fight death killed 51 must not be happy too early in Soul Eater, and if you still have spare, and quickly avatar self-reliant.

Concluded under: Personally, I think in the case of non-extreme advanced equipment, the Master can defeat the witch doctor outside any career, my guiding ideology is the wretched Paolu, Paozhaopaozhe most of the people are dead, and did not run dead the other side no skills when blizzard ice line spell shot it!
Overall, I am personally more favorable for the Master think Master VSDH confrontation, I play in a public room, rarely DH is my opponent.

Is very funny, I often drove electric A chat with friends, and suddenly there would be a DH dead in my side, so sometimes run too fast is not a good thing.

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