is your best choice

Playing Red Gate: 9 seconds because teammates are counting on you to ice stable comfortable, if open less stable biting to, afraid teammates say or ice. If it is the fight itself, then biting it.

FARM, then biting and 15% are certainly no problem, simply FARM2.1 +50 enough, so definitely no problem. In addition, because of the sword of stealing, sufficient ability to return to the blood, high efficiency, high storm damage, duo law is fragmentation may not be able to open, but the sword is more relaxed.

If you like the control of the players, when playing Red Gate Sword 9 seconds of ice as well, duo can use biting. (Sword with biting BOSS skills, but rarely acceptable) If, based on this condition, 40W flowers + biting efficiency equal to about 45W sword +9 s efficiency (not considering super electric).

: Sword of the panel best duo sets 10% higher, or enhance the obvious. If you are a player pursuit of efficiency, then open the biting, the swordsmanship panel is a little higher than the duo sets efficiency upgrading. Visible, the impact of the skills on the ice is still very large.

With a sword, then, resistance and blood are extremely scarce, although a good solution, but money is much more! d3 gold


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