This expedition than the last time to be mighty more father commanding a corps of about two thousand people, compared to these people on the outside of the demon army is still small, but it is the only hope of the Holy Empire. Demon skull, Ares town nightmare Legion sewing the flag, the black surface of the cloth embroidered with a red pigment scored next dripping blood. The town blacksmith recruits to build armor, painted with red pigment above Devil’s decapitation. His father’s armor engraved new nightmare Legion emblem Uncle, Mount Hua told the father this way can boost morale.

  The father stood in the central square and delivered a brief speech, telling people he will once again triumph, and will eventually peace back to earth, standing next to frown Mount tert China.

Then they hurried to the battlefield, the empire the messenger despite his injury Join only reinforcement. Again, I looked at the tall silhouette of father disappeared in the horizon.

This time, the wait was so long, every day I waited by the roadside waiting for their father’s triumphant return disappointed, but day by day.

I Ares town has been treated like nobility, but every day along with my only waiting for the torment. With tougher father left a long time, suspicion and rumors began to spread, Calcetas Lyon supporters every day gathering in the pub, and ask God to bless the nightmare Legion Triumph back to those skeptics, pessimists tit-for-tat, and even hesitate to fight. But as the days passed, the staunchest supporters less and less, more and more people believe, Nightmare Legion submerged in the ocean of the devil inside.

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