My Doubts of Diablo 3

1. Monitor resolution:
    Now my computer’s resolution is not the best kind. Tune out the resolution a bit about stretching around both sides of the little one, the left can only see half of the entourage “60” 6, and the things that are round the oval, the characters are fat, this is what happens! ! ! ! ! And if transferred to exactly the resolution, the entire screen is not in the center, but slightly moved upward to the right a distance, which means that the right and the top of my invisible, left and bottom of the long black bar. This is what happens! ! ! ! !
2. Continuous Shaguai comes experience:
    As we all know, the killing will be able to get consecutive comes with experience, I observed for about 70 will be able to experience about 1W, 100 will be able to experience about 1.2W. I am up to about 130 today, but I see posts, someone’s avatar looks like over 230 4.4W experience cattle.
    But every ghost in the end do not know how much experience this experience about 1W considered high.
    Not to know Jianta and followers attack count my attack means that I stopped, the entourage has been attacked, I attack (separated for some time, but during the entourage or change it has been in the attack) can not connected.

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