My Skill Combination

Example: meteorites, can try to make it 1-2 hit kill. Then you if DH’s friends list, you can work together with to play with.

Be sure to let DH choose death mark, because 12% of this play is to swath through Marked for Death of Death Rune, will never cut burst of amazing yellow letters allocated to within 20 yards, causing AOE damage, speed clearance strange , the effect of shock.

Me to play DH when the heat 18 million into the AH price should have been down, we are interested to try or collection can seek a 1100 and white perforated or blast injuries.
Open melee to do to try to speed kill the mobs are marked to ensure survival of 25% of the energy armor anti-Rune to hit Zhan Zhuang purpose.
In fact, the key to this play with and DH, be sure to let the DH tag the weak strange, then you rush to go live in the ice, lost meteorite, seeking a quick fix, so lets mark dead mobs broke yellow word to mow through death Rune equally 12% of the damage.
Actual combat, I often hundreds of thousands of yellow word burst, I believe this is nothing new for the Master, then 1000-4000 yellow for 12% of the word, that is 120-480 million damage, enough to give the near strange fatal blow, or cut off the elite a lot of blood.

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