Took two bottles of Life syrup out of the door, Demon Hunter full of depressed back door and saw this color B and several guards wearing Jinhua.
       The Lan Fode captain was about the old 1000, looked up, they found just by his obscenity demon hunter, so he sets with her ​​for a long time almost, and then said to her to help wipe out the zombie Source: demon mother. A demon hunter, said she knew Zhao mother, Wang Mah, also I do not know the demon mother, Lan Fode said the captain you Gu Lou cut people it is blowing by a few more pickup and a number of broken wood pile simple line of defense zombies broke through, so the brave soldiers who decided to start finishing poker, said that the Bureau is not to
       After dry turned a few small zombie, they see the legendary demon mother. Saw the demon mother in one hand antidiarrheal drugs in one hand and directing the younger brother who became very sick and see all the sergeant were all so sweet, especially a few of the constipation.

       Demon Hunter looked only lunch ruminant impulse Erhuamoyue Bianxiang demon mother’s head shot to arrows, demon mother did than usual mobs, shot several times Well things did not, even also conducted a counterattack, spitting began to just people face the sputum green and yellow, full strength, spicy taste salty, sticky unbearable there nutty, but travel home, banditry, nausea, top grade.
       The Demon Hunter glancing time has come to so decisive a stride rushed to the captain behind the scream: “ah! Captain save me!” Captain Saran smile back, the warm torch lit up his handsome face, and then going back to prepare to meet the enemy, after he spit consecutive happened a week.

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