Say your opinion on Diablo 3

Before further discussion, I must ask a question: why the land of refuge, there will be a meteor fall, a high consumption and high latency skills, the damage done is almost just monks an instant one-third of the skills,, I said, is coupled with Rune almost unlimited cast AOE Admiralty broken? I know the advantages of a meteor falling in that remote. But think about it, this is its only advantage, and this is an insignificant advantage.

This skill reminds me of a game a lot of it comes to the disappointing. I have often thought, maybe I build a mage so she can drop the meteor as a powerful nuclear weapons, which will require considerable AP recovery time, or maybe I can build a mage, with a lot of AP recovery and AP ceiling and equipment, so that I can be infinitely wild throw meteors occasionally use some other skills! But even if those wishes can be realized in the current game, I do not think is so interesting or has a very high efficiency.

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