I have played Diablo 3 for a whole year

Then I helped call issued ticket requires re-opened, playing hundreds of phone calls, but unfortunately the nc Blizzard did not help us re-opened, justice lie! And then decide together with the sister afk no longer play the game of Blizzard sister know I Diablo series play a lot of years, like this game (very thoughtful), she decided to continue to play with me, so I help her get the new account, and later registered Collector’s Edition practiced a 60 female mage, according to her original account in the name of the character trying to restore an original account. But original Master and equipment are not get back, and this is why I decided to reroll Manzi, the Master of the equipment to the sister, and concentrate on playing a wind and rain Dang Zidan Manzi can stand in front of the sister. Good starting point may or may not play a good effect before Manzi do not know about, is the weakest 1.02, I became the step 2 Step 3 trips to the drag a small trip, the sister from the back output ice into a control field (sister slender Yu Zhi), and sometimes have to live with my bad temper, but the sister never complained about a now want to come really sorry for her. Dear sorry Oh, you’re good. Again a very difficult start but with our efforts and good brothers Xinert of Grand Master of the help, and finally we can also farm a3 the 1.04 before the advent of ready a full set of fighting mf installed in 1.04 basic every day we can reach 10-20 legend, diablo 3 items slowly start getting better equipment.

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