Master VS Witch Doctor

Witch doctor imba as I do not need to do more shows, Played the PTR all know, you win a war, and the witch doctor only high-end monk. Or my Korean friends, every time DH / FS must open my child witch doctor child back again.

I hit him 50E equipped DH is 8:2 open, hit him 5E equipped witch doctor only 2:8 opened. Just point open in Soul Eater Soul Eater avatar can not be lifted but can absorb most or all of Soul Eater injury, if you’re lucky enough to get through the 51 souls walking yet 51 killed, then you opportunity to incorporate 51 to fight death killed 51 must not be happy too early in Soul Eater, and if you still have spare, and quickly avatar self-reliant.

Concluded under: Personally, I think in the case of non-extreme advanced equipment, the Master can defeat the witch doctor outside any career, my guiding ideology is the wretched Paolu, Paozhaopaozhe most of the people are dead, and did not run dead the other side no skills when blizzard ice line spell shot it!
Overall, I am personally more favorable for the Master think Master VSDH confrontation, I play in a public room, rarely DH is my opponent.

Is very funny, I often drove electric A chat with friends, and suddenly there would be a DH dead in my side, so sometimes run too fast is not a good thing.

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Diablo 3 Gold Discount Coupon

These are the most common players equipped with the status quo, stop changing, stop for skills, but after all, the difficulty of the game is limited, from published data, MP8 and MP9 basic limit the MP10 blood toomore, so when we arrived at a certain degree of difficulty when fitted would have to change its strategy.

If you adhere to the panel to maximize DPS – you can use battle roar, of superstition and production anger passive defense skills; if you want to reduce the number of defensive skills, you have to heap high resistant, blood-sucking, blood; operation is not enough skilled, you can use immortal 5 + anger skills. My vampire 5.9%, blood 5W, attack speed by 36%, and a burst rate of 64.5%, storm damage 544%, Defense 6000, the whole anti-600, immortal three, plus panel 25W injury.

Can not cope with any defensive type skills the MP10 and efficiency MP8, my only point data for your reference, the other difficulty required attributes floor I have no idea.

Than my handicap players, the equipment appropriate to reduce defense full-the storms hurt requirements anti-IAS burst rate, the difficulty of playing low. Focus on playing up feeling better to feel where bad where to fill on the line. diablo 3 coupon codeImage

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Defensive attributes and attacks on property and BUILD 3 is a mutually balanced relations, mutual help and mutual compromise.

Set up the premise, that is, the the Parkour operation has more skilled core Parkour is actually crit back anger, burst rate in any case have to tube enough. Mysterious tone: the Parkour movement speed should pipe enough.

Since maintaining Saiyan no problem, compared to the previous unskilled when using heavy weapons, we can improve the burst rate, and then put the ax hammer, slightly lowering the full anti, blood, vampire defense property, in exchange for higher strength and injury.

When the damage becomes higher when you can go to a higher degree of difficulty, but the properties of each defense is not enough, you also have to heap a point defense Properties or add BUILD battle roar, anti injury domineering, superstition like skills, so that the high level of difficulty can be so smooth. diablo 3 gold reward

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Diablo 3 Guide at

Elsewhere said before, even the A3 and A4 Why would Lee quit, my understanding is that these places are usually out to less than 13 or more than 16 rings, but occasionally ring out 14, and thischance it happens randomly to the legendary ring on Lee quit. So to see so many people out Li quit, only a very small number of people in the A3 and A4 out that many people doubt its authenticity (which I also doubt).

At this point you can come to a conclusion:
Conclusion: The best scene is brush Lee quit: Oka Jonas’ Road to Magda in front oasis trails to the flooded channel between this scene (ie brush A2 key) diablo 3 guide

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Diablo 3 Gold Farming

From the presentation of the results, at least Couchu 1.4 + base attack speed will be able to maintain the Saiyan, and therefore is not bulk down and not much demand. For demonstration purposes, the one hand, using only the twilight bald one with immortal the conflict Gongsu bulk, the players actually can go immortal line, by hand, necklace 9, rings, wrist guards, pants 9 Minato a 1.4x attack speed. On the other hand, the reason can go immortal sets another reason, the build is very dependent -5 the less anger Feifu attribute, this attribute is very easy to get in the immortal belt, you have to find a good full-the anti Feifu witch different, not so good looking. (Apparently, La Kuni and Inna enough drag your blood anti hind legs, it is best not to do concessions belt – of course, the high rich handsome can ignore this)
Of course, maybe you can use witch iso plus the -5 Feifu Jordan the way to achieve the effect of Feifu less anger, of course, so the cost of the sacrifice -5 first Zuqiao Dan the effect. This is a matter of opinion. diablo 3 items

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1.52 and 1.20 attack speed difference, tear are refreshed 10 times for 5 seconds digital and damage numbers unchanged.
Test results: sustained injury are weapons average DHP calculated on the basis not a forum on the average DPS! IAS does not affect the conclusions of its total damage was established. Tear Forums On!

The BOSS war with H difficulty without distinction. Treatment disperse good debuff. All mobs stage collection AOE can. Remember open bloodthirsty Oh.
Master experience: old AOE mobs. Remember that viewed the point. Or your Ice Orb is BOSS blocking 0.0. It did not hurt.  diablo 3 items 

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Free diablo 3 guide at youtube

 A comparison of the problem: the dual cyclone system, cyclone chop blast bolted whether IAS impact, the answer is: YES! Total damage and frequency all have! Rely eyes can easily judge.
The case of dual wielding Whirlwind will take turns using two weapons to attack the enemy, each round = the average speed of the two weapons. free diablo 3 guide
    Values ​​and IAS: HIT 48.3% weapon damage, the frequency of the attacks three times the speed.

 Blast chopped Similar bolted – mechanisms and cyclones, the only difference is that the case of dual wielding to calculate the main hand damage. IAS will be subject to immediate release forum! And instant layout IAS changes: not only refers to dual wield IAS weapons by slashing attack speed changes. (by forum users: * Saddam climbing supplement has been tested and is true.)


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